Aydarken town, in ancient times, known as Khaidarkan village, is located on the northern slopes of Alay (Eshme Range) in Batken Region of Kadamjay District. Also, the distance between this town and the southwest part of Kadamjay city is 45 kilometres. In 2007 the population (11,400) decreased, in comparison with 2009 (11,900).

In the ancient era when the town was a village and called Khaidarkan, the name was translated as “Great Mine”. In 2006 Khaidarkan village was renamed as Aydarken and only in 2012 received the status of the town. According to the Russian researchers, teeth and humerus are 126,000 years in famous Sel-Unkur Cave. That is why many tourists come here for archaeological explorations.

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