Batken town is an administrative centre in the south-west of Batken Province of Kyrgyzstan located about 240 kilometres far from the west of Osh. The total area of town is 5180 ha which includes 1143 ha of own territory without personal plots and 4037 ha of agricultural land.

In 1934 Batken was formed as a village. Afterwards, in 2000 Batken took the status of a town with a population of 10987 and the first mayor of town became Sultanov Mamasydyk Mamadievich. In 2009, the area of town was 205 km2 which consisted of 51,8 km2 of city lines and 153 km2 of rural areas with a population of 5760 people. During this period, the largest village was Kyzylzhol with a population of 3207 people. Compared with 2009 (23134 people), the population increased gradually in 2017 reaching at 24400.

Since 2017 the following villages have merged with the town: Bazar-Bashy, Bulak-Bashy, Kelechek, Kyzyldon, Kyzylzhol and Chetbulak.

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