Boy-Bulok Cave

Boy-Bulok is the deepest cave in Asia situated in the Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan. Being in the Hissar Range, near Uzbekistan's highest village the cave and the surrounding areas are not accessible most of the time of the year because of snow.

For many years nobody dared to go inside the cave, but fortunately, in 1995 the lowest point of the cave (1415m) was reached due to great efforts. The entrance of the cave is 2650 metres above sea level. The location is not accessible mostly from January to April.

Some investigators believe that Boy-Bulok has the potential to become the deepest cave in the world with the theory that it can have 2500 metres depth, which is deeper than Veryovkina Cave (2212m) in Abkhazia. The further way is blocked with an impassable siphon, which is a passage filled with water. The investigations are still going on with the hope to increase the amplitude of the cave with 1 more kilometre. The cave has several new leads for explorations, so if you’re seeking an adventure you’re in the right place!


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