Favorite site in Central Asia
The city of Bukhara is the place which makes Shukhrat proud, so it unquestionably stays his favourite spot in Central Asia.
Why guide?
The Central Asian countries are still a secret for the rest of the world, so the opportunity to show people the unknown is creating a great experience.
Random Facts
Shukrat is one of our most responsible, supportive and knowledgeable guides. He is a natural storyteller, so you will enjoy the way you get to know to the local culture and traditions. And you will always feel safe with him.
Guide reviews

Maria Hernandez

In October, I visited Uzbekistan and I want to express my congratulations to this company and thanks to my tour operator Muzaffar for the great organisation of the tour in the choice of cities and places I visited. I joint to the group of eight who were very friendly and nice people. However, our first guide was so rude and impolite that we asked Muzaffar to change her with knowledgeable, enthusiastic and energetic guide Shukhrat. Hotels were nice, but there seems to be a problem with hot and cold water. I’d chosen the tour to Uzbekistan which was great, especially days in Bukhara. However, I’ll decide to return and visit entire Central Asia in the future that I left behind again with this company.
Kind regards.
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Allen Griffin

Uzbekistan and everything there was amazing!!! Each member of our group was satisfied and very grateful for clarity and attention of the professional staff! Our guides Shukhrat in Tashkent, Raya in Samarkand, Malika in Bukhara and Alisher in Khiva are experts in their job and told us much more about the history, culture, traditions, customs and cuisine of Uzbekistan. It was very informative and interesting! Also, it should be noted our drivers, they are amazing too, but one of them wasn’t so communicative. We had hot and cold water problem in the hotel of Bukhara. But in general, we were grateful for an educational trip to Uzbekistan. All members want to come back to see something new and explore the other parts of Central Asia!!!
Sincere regards,
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I had been looking for a great jeep tour full of adrenaline and experiences. And here I chose a well-organised tour by the experienced company with amazing and friendly staff. Tour operators planned a very interesting and rich program for me. Services that provided were at high levels. The guide Shukhrat is knowledgeable and experienced. Hotels look good for the quality service they provide. Also, I bought many beautiful souvenirs for my friends. If you’re going to travel in Uzbekistan or wherever in Central Asia, you can easily contact tour managers by email or WhatsApp, and they will answer your questions promptly. Highly recommended!
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