Favorite site in Central Asia
Zhavlon believes that one of the most inspiring sights in Kyrgyzstan is Issyk Kul Lake - the second largest salt lake in the world.
Why guide?
Zhavlon adores the nature and hospitality of Kyrgyzstan, that's why he decided to choose the tourism field and became a guide. He likes traveling and meeting new people. Tourism is his calling.
Random Facts
Zhavlon has been working as an English-speaking guide in Kyrgyzstan since 2011. He graduated from the Academy of Tourism and took courses of guide-interpreters in Bishkek. Zhavlon leads all the tours with positive and smile.
Guide reviews

Silvia, Adam, Albert and Natalie

My friends and I travel together every other year, and this year we decided on Central Asia. We picked Central Asia in 19 days tour because we wanted to spend a good amount of time in the region and wanted to see at least some all 5 Central Asian countries. We travelled with Arara two years ago in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and had an excellent experience with them then, so when we found out they had started offering tours to Central Asia, we naturally chose to travel with them again. Like in the Caucasus, the tour was a fantastic mix of nature, history and experiences with the local people, and for the history lovers in our group especially the trip was more than perfect. My personal highlight was the day we spend at the ancient city of Merv. Our guide was full of knowledge and went above and beyond in showing us the sights amongst the ruins of the city. Also, the guides from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were very hospitable and helped us to explore the extraordinary secrets of history and nature of both countries. For any fellow world travellers and history lovers, I can recommend Arara and especially their 19-day tour in Central Asia (along with their tour across Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia)!

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Hannah Stocking

Hello everyone,
We spent 8 days and didn’t notice how the time passed in one breath. Thanks a lot to the travel agency for organising a trip to these beautiful hospitable countries: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Most areas of Kyrgyzstan are surrounded by breathtaking nature and mountains. I would like to mention the most impressive Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan, especially the Burana Tower and Tash Rabat. What we didn’t like was the car. It’s not as comfortable as needed to be, because mainly in Kyrgyzstan there were many dangerous roads that driver passed very difficult. Kyrgyz and Kazakh guides were very knowledgeable and responsible. The selection of hotels looked nicely as we requested, the only problem was with air-conditioning. Issyk-Kul is the second high-mountain lake and has scenic places that we enjoyed resting. Thank you for your responsiveness and special attention to each tourist, for pleasant surprises! Everything is organized at the highest level: meeting, hotels, excursions.
Thank you very much and kind regards!


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Henry, Robert and Samuel

I, Robert and Samuel decided to travel to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Three of us were impressed with the breathtaking landscapes, hospitability of local people, the cultural and historical life of both countries. Only Robert didn’t like the altitude of mountains, because he had blood pressure and none of us paid attention to this, beforehand. If you decide to travel around Central Asia, especially in Kyrgyzstan, make sure that you’ve passed medical insurance․ Guides and driver were friendly and communicative, especially Zhavlon in Kyrgyzstan. The travel agency and its staff were so passionate that organized absolutely brilliant tour. . . thanks for sharing with us great memories and travel experience!

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