Erkindik Gallery


One of the most popular local attractions of Bishkek is Erkindik Gallery or Arbat as it is commonly called among the locals. It is located in the very centre of Bishkek, near Ala-Too Square and Oak Park. This is the largest open-air bazaar of souvenirs and all kinds of handmade accessories, jewellery and much more. It is called Bishkek Vernissage or Arbat because of the enormous collection of works of local artists and masters of fine arts. The similarity with Moscow Arbat is also seen in the very high prices of the souvenirs. 

The Erkindik Gallery will be interesting for people of absolutely different tastes in art as there is a variety of works. The palette of bright colours is simply breathtaking. Here you can find the newest pieces of contemporary art by Kyrgyz artists. You can even order your portrait that will be drawn on the spot.

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