Islam Khoja Complex

Islam Khoja Minaret and mosque were built at the beginning of the XX century in honor of Islam Khoja. It is the symbol of Khiva.

The minaret has 56,6 meters height and 9,5-meter diameter at the base. The style of the minaret with a wide base and narrow dome is a classy example of the XIV century architecture. The top has a golden crown and lantern. The facade is decorated with colourful glazed tiles and bricks. It is the highest building of Khiva and is visible from anywhere in the city. 175 steep steps lead to the roof of the minaret where you can see a beautiful panorama of Khiva.

The complex of Islam Khoja includes Madrasah with 42 hujras and a large hall. The facade of Madrasah is also decorated with glazed tiles. The architecture reflects a creative mixture of different times and forms. The most impressive part is the mihrab niche with majolica and ganches carving.

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