Koytendag Range

Koytendag (Köýtendag) Mountain Range is located in the south-eastern part of Turkmenistan along the border with Uzbekistan. Koytendag means “mountains of deep canyons”. The mountains are also called Kugitangtau, which is similarly translated as “mountains with narrow gorges”.

The elevations in the range are from 900 to 3139m above sea level. Due to that, it contains the highest point in Turkmenistan- Ayrybaba mount (3239m). The range is characterized by several exceptional geological features. On a hillside, near the village of Hojapi you can find the   “Dinosaur Plateu” with approximately 200 footprints of dinosaurs of around 150 million years ago. This is one of the most visited places in Turkmenistan.

Koytendag is a fascinating mountain range and also a popular trekking area in Central Asia. You can go hiking, camping and watch the extraordinary wildlife in its natural habitat. There are a substantial number of waterbodies: karst lakes and caves, freshwater springs and hydrogen sulfate wells. This is an isolated mountain are representing an integral natural complex. This means that the mountains served as a physical barrier preventing the invasion of outer flora and fauna.

Koytendag Nature Reserve is located within the range with its biological hotspots, rugged terrain and extreme weather conditions, montane flora and fauna. A special permit is required to enter the Koytendag Nature Reserve, which is possible to arrange in advance. The beauty of Koytendag will make every visitor fall in love with the mountains and caves, iconic routes, lakes and waterfalls.  

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