The Legend of Kyz Kala

Kyz-Kala is an ancient fortress situated in the territory of the historical and cultural marvel of Turkmenistan- the ancient city of Merv. It dates back from the 6th century to the 12th. 

According to one of the legends "Kyz Kala" or "Girl's fortress" was built by the shah's daughter, who ruled the region from a young age. When she grew up and turned into a beautiful young lady, a lot of men from noble families and princes from different countries were sent to their castle to ask her hand.  But the young queen announced that she will marry one of them only with 2 conditions. According to the first one, the admirer was to demonstrate mastery at spear and sabre, as well as hit a golden apple at the very top of the palace with an arrow.

There were many young people who fulfilled the first condition and knelt in front of the young beauty. However, there was a 2nd task, which was more difficult. The young man was to build a gilded fortress within one daylight. This was beyond the power of all of them. When she saw that nobody was in the power of doing so, she declared that she will build her fortress along with the next young men. 

The next day the young lady started to build the fortress and nearby a young man who was truly in love with the princess was to build another one. When the girl had almost completed her work, the sun went down over the horizon, but the young man did not manage to complete it. He was a proud master of his craft and couldn't stand the humiliation, so he threw himself from the fortress. At that moment the girl realized that she lost a sincerely loving person, the one she was searching for, so she also committed suicide by rushing into the river. The fortress built by the princess people named Kyz-Kala, which is translated as "girl's fortress". 

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