The Legend of Sultan Sandjar Mausoleum

The mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar was erected around the middle of the 12th century. The majestic mausoleum is one of the outstanding examples of architectural art. In the Middle Ages, it was called the "greatest building in the world." Everything related to the history of the creation of the mausoleum became the occasion for the emergence of legends and traditions. One of them is about the heavenly beautiful peri, who agreed to give him a hand and a heart, provided with 3 conditions: he will not watch her brushing her hair; he will not look after her when she walks; he will not hug her by the waist. 

Considering these wishes strange, one day the ruler spied how she combed her hair and was much surprised by what happened. The heavenly peri took off her beautiful head from her shoulders, calmly laid it on her lap and began combing luxurious curls with a golden comb. For several days the sultan could not recover from what he saw, and then could not resist and asked his wife about her secret. The woman was terribly angry and she demanded not to break the promise again otherwise she would leave him forever.

Days passed, and it became increasingly difficult for the Sultan to keep his curiosity. Eventually, he looked after the retreating beauty. And what did he see? It turns out that the beautiful peri did not walk on the ground, but floated smoothly through the air. More than ever, Peri was angry and kept her old promise - she ascended into heaven. Sadness filled the sultan's heart. She took pity on her, returned to the magnificent palace, but asked him not to violate at least the third condition. But apparently you will not get away from fate. The sultan embraced the beautiful peri by chance when he missed her and discovered that she had no bones. 

Terrible anger suppressed all feelings in the heart of an incomparable heavenly fairy. This time she did not listen to the pleas of the heartbroken Sultan. Only while saying goodbye she added:

-I won't come back again, so if you can't bear the sadness this time build the highest building in the area. And at the very top let them leave a small hole in the dome. If you lead a righteous life, on Friday of every week my image will appear to you.

They say that the inconsolable in his grief the Sultan did just like that. And every Friday he waited, as blessings from above. This went on until his death hour. Because of the beautiful peri the mausoleum was built and stand until now.

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