Qarshi is an administrative and regional centre of Qashqadaryo Province in the south of Uzbekistan with a population of 254600. Nowadays, it is considered that the age of Qarshi city is 2713-year-old in modern Uzbekistan. In accordance with the fact, the city had been named as Navatak or Navataka which means ‘New Building’. Nonetheless, there is another fact about the origin of the name that it is also called Nesef and Nekhsheb and translated from Mughal language it means ‘cemetery’.

By the geographical position, the city is situated on the river Qashqadaryo and on the western edge of Pamir-Alay mountain system which is a part of Pamir mountains. The distance from the south-west to Tashkent is 400 km, however, air force base Qarshi-Khanabad is 10 km far away from East to Qarshi.

During a visit to Qarshi, the must-see sights are the followings: Yerkurgan ancient hillfort, Amir Temur Bridge, Kok-Gumbaz Mosque, Bekmir Mosque, Kilichboy Mosque, Khoja Kurban Mosque, Magzon Mosque, Charmgar Mosque, as well as the XIX century Odin Madrasa.

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