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Before choosing a tour to Central Asia you can get acquainted with our travelers' feedback. 

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I recommend visiting Uzbekistan and traveling with Arara. A wonderful country with a great history from the Great Silk Road, the brutal invasion of Genghis Khan to the center of scientific discovery with Ulugbek and home to the famous Islamic scholar Imam Bukhari ... magical architecture.

After a long lock down, my husband and I decided to take a chance and open the travel season for ourselves. We decided that we would fly to Uzbekistan, as we had been planning for a long time, but the pandemic changed our plans.

Muzaffar was our Arara Tourism Consultant who was exhaustive, quickly answering all my questions before traveling. When our flight from London via Turkey was delayed by almost 24 hours due to covid (we flew in on the weekend instead), Muzaffar changed our itinerary so that we didn't miss anything special and kept in touch to ensure we were picked up and reached our hotel is safe. Our guide Angelica, who accompanied us through Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand, was knowledgeable, friendly and wonderful in telling the rich history of Uzbekistan. Fantastic reliable travel company and inspiring trip for those looking for something very special.

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We booked this tour back in January 2020, but due to the pandemic, our tour had to be postponed to November 2020, we constantly spoke with Satine (who works for Arara) directly on the phone and on WhatsApp. Very helpful and friendly. We needed to make last minute changes and she was very open to our suggestions and willing to help with budget and time. Would highly recommend Arara.

In addition to the tour itself, the choice of the guide was excellent. Guide Shukhrat who accompanied us on the tour was ever knowledgeable about the history of Uzbekistan and very worldly and open to as seeing all our questions. accompanied us on the tour.

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We (a couple in our early seventies) have spent 9 days in Uzbekistan using the services of Arara. Our trip was planed and executed by the one and only Muzaffar, who've made sure that all the drivers and the guides at the different locations were on time, and stick to the planed agreed itinerary. She even phoned a driver at 6am to make sure he will be in time for the International flight.

Our guide Dilnoza was experienced and knowledgeable and service oriented.

Just came home from this beautiful cultural adventure, we’re happy to recommend visiting Uzbekistan and working with Araratour as your travel professionals. Muzaffar was super responsive and made sure the entire trip went smoothly.

With Arara we really felt like a home away from home.

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Brianna and Alice

We loved this trip very much. Tatev, our incoming tour manager was so easy to deal with. She was very supportive and attentive to our wishes during the planning stage and the actual tour. We also want to thank Alla, our charming guide, who was very kind to us throughout our time Uzbekistan, and even showed us the coziest restaurants and cost-effective shopping centers. Thank you once again for everything! 

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Peter and Anastasia

When we decided to visit Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, we started studying various company profiles and found Arara Central Asia. Finally we chose 19-day tour packages which included 5 countries. The itinerary was very well structured; we had a free time in the evenings for enjoying ourselves. Arara offers multi-profile services and all-inclusive tour packages with wide choice of hotels. Honestly hotels play a great role for us, as we value our comfort. After being offered a big list of suitable hotels, we chose the ones we liked the most. Overall we were not disappointed; some of the hotels had minor issues which are not worth mentioning, as were solved quite quickly.

In the end, I want to tell that Arara is a trustworthy company which you can safely use.

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Marcus Derland

5 countries in 19 days!! Arara Central Asia, thank you for making this adventure happen. What can I say, I fell in love with the breathtaking nature views of Almaty and took hundreds of photos of Big Almaty Lake; enjoyed exploring the exquisite architecture of Samarkand; had an exceptional opportunity of visiting oasis city Marv; and many more. The memories of these treasures will stay with me forever.

As for the tour organization and comfort, everything was organized at highest level. The vehicles were quite comfy, the flights were mostly on time and saved much time for us to relax at hotels or stroll in the cities. Guides were very polite and assisting.

Arara CA – highly recommended company!

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Wanted to tell you how fantastic our tour was! We were really impressed by all the majestic countries we visited during 19 days. Me and my wife have really enjoyed every minute of our trip. Among the 5 countries we likes Uzbekistan and Tajikistan the most for their authentic style, atmosphere and culture. The itinerary was very well packed. Thought the tour was quite long, we simply didn’t get tired, as the timing of the tours and our free time was quite well organized. Greetings to Ahmed - our guide, a true professional and a beautiful soul. Hope to return to these marvelous places sometime in the future.

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Jane and Michael Lee

I have visited Uzbekistan with my family to celebrate our anniversary. Thank you Arara staff for making our holiday so special. Not only the whole trip went smoothly, but we also had a nice surprise dinner at our hotel for our anniversary, as a compliment from the tour company. We will always remember this trip with fondness.

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Ben Stewart

I have visited over 40 countries during my life. Uzbekistan was a perfect addition to my list. During all these years I’ve become an expert in choosing a trusted company on the internet. I am always choosing local tour operators in the specific region I visit, as they are offering cost-effective, at the same time high quality services. Arara appeared to be an outstanding travel agency. The whole trip was thoroughly prepared and served. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is used to quality travels.

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Betsy and Thomas

Thomas and I loved our Uzbekistan tour – one of the most memorable trips in our life. We have always dreamt of visiting the Great Silk Road and its historical sites. One of the highlights was the ancient city Khiva we enjoyed exploring. Shukhrat, our guide was very knowledgeable and polite. She took good care of us. We returned home with so many souvenirs & presents, but what is most important – with memories and experiences of a lifetime!!

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Olivia Wales

I was so pleased with this trip. The whole process from email communication to itinerary, hotels and transfers went smoothly. The only part I would like to change were some of the big chain hotels, as I prefer smaller ones. Though hotel location was quite comfortable. We were fascinated with the delicious cuisine of Uzbekistan. Sophie – our guide, took us to some beautiful restaurants with diverse and tasty dishes. I have also learnt some recipes, hope I will use them back in London. 

I will be recommending your travel company and hopefully will travel with you again in the future. Thank you for the fantastic memories!

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Alexander and Mary Alice

We visited Central Asia and enjoyed our trip so much. It was my wife’s birthday which we decided to spend away from home, at this extraordinary part of the world. The time we spent at Nomad’s Dream Yurt camp was so special, filled with warmth and beauty. The hotels were also of high quality, though we prefer and enjoy mostly camping.

My warmest greetings to all the guides throughout the trip who became our good friends. I want to thank Tatev for her perfect organizational and communication skills and punctuality. The itinerary she chose for us fit all our needs. We have already recommended your tour company to our relatives and friends!

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