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Before choosing a tour to Central Asia you can get acquainted with our travelers' feedback. 

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Such a fantastic trip you have organized for us, Tatev. The cities we visited, Bishkek, Tashkent, Bukhara among all, excelled at their diversity, beauty and lively atmosphere. Hotels and vehicles were comfortable and had all the facilities inside. We have enjoyed the company of our guides and learnt a lot about these ancient places.

Thank you Arara for this unforgettable experience.

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Jenny and Ted

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time in Central Asia countries. We explored Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan during our trip. Each of them gave us adorable memories and fascinated with their culture and marvelous nature. Our two guides Sophie and Vlad, made us fall in love with their countries. They were very polite and had sufficient knowledge of English.

We do hope to return one day and visit all the places the tour didn’t manage to cover. And Arara is number one company we will use for our future tours.

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Thomas Blake

I am so happy that I found this tour when navigating through the internet. If you love rural life, authentic atmosphere and delicious cuisine, this trip is a perfect match. I have enjoyed meeting new people and making friends, enjoying lunches with hospitable locals and getting acquainted with their daily life. We also had an exciting camping night. Thank you everyone involved in organizing this adventure for me. The hotels were quite nice and well located. The guide was very professional throughout the whole trip.

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I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Arara staff for making this beautiful trip a reality. Adam was really a great guide who introduced to us the history and rich cultural heritage of his country. The itinerary included some of the most famous and captivating deserts of  Uzbekistan. If you are adventurous and a fan of historical sites, this trip is ideal for you.

I will look forward to visiting other countries and regions of Central Asia in the future. Arara will again be my top company for this.

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Tony Garcia

Tajikistan is really a country of high contrasts. It is calm and full of life at the same time. If you are adventure lover like me, you are going to spend one of the best holidays there. I have chosen Highlights of Tajikistan tour from the various tours Tatev offered me. I felt this one would fit me the most, as it was a nice combination of nature, adventure, culture and some historical sites during the way. The guide handled the information in a very professional and capturing way and kept us entertained during the whole trip. The vehicle was quite comfortable, though I would prefer to spend less time in the car.

Arara is the company I chose from a long list of companies on the web and there was not a moment I regretted my decision. It’s a highly qualified and trusted local company based in Uzbekistan, which I will confidently recommend to my friends and relatives.  

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Edeline Acton

An experience of a lifetime! Tatev, our charming and professional tour agent, was a blast. Her organizational and management skills gave us a sense of confidence for our upcoming trip. And in the end we were not disappointed. Every stage of our tour was thoroughly prepared starting from our arrival till the moment we departed. The driver was very friendly and punctual. We have always preferred small, nice guesthouses and hotels rather than big chain hotels. Our small but cozy hotel in Dushanbe city center met all our expectations. Arara sent us welcome sweets and fruits, which was so nice of them!

The nature of this country leaves you astonished and amazed. We love easy and leisurely hikes and have enjoyed hiking at marvelous Seven lakes. The water was so transparent that we could clearly see our reflections. We made so many photos (I guess a thousand if not more).

I can really recommend Arara CA to anyone who wants to visit Tajikistan and other Asia countries.

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Frederik and Anne White

Thank you, Arara for organizing our holidays in beautiful Kazakhstan. This authentic country has so much to offer. We loved each and every city and region we visited. The tours started every day at 10 am. We had a nice breakfast at hotel; the staff was very welcoming and friendly. The rooms were clean and comfortable and nicely furnished. Our guide Nuria was really in love with her country. We learnt so much from her about the history and culture of Kazakhstan. The timing was also quite well organized, as we hate spending too much time on the roads.

Hope to visit other countries of this historical region one day.

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We were waiting for this experience with such anticipation. Now I can say that our huge excitement was fully justified. Kyrgyzstan is a country of so many surprises. Cozy towns such as my personal favorite Karakol, the breathtaking nature and scenery of mountains and lakes, will capture your mind and soul. 

The hotels were chosen very carefully by our tour agent Tatev, who was so professional and organized. Most of the hotels and guesthouses were located in a walking distance from the city center. We enjoyed our evenings walking down the streets and having a glass of wine in small outdoor cafes.

The marvelous time we have spent in Kyrgyzstan, will warm our hearts and fill our memories with endless beauty! Arara Central Asia is the company I am going to recommend to all my friends and colleagues who would love to travel to this part of the world. 

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Thomas Meyer

Me and my friends were planning this trip for several years. Finally we chose Arara Central Asia to organize the whole experience for us. I can say that the tour went smoothly and met all of our expectations. The whole process starting from organization period till the end of the tour was very well-organized. Our guide Ansar was an adventurous soul one can only wish for! At the same time he was very caring, attentive to our needs and supportive. As a trip highlight I would like to mention Moynaq ship cemetery in Uzbekistan desert. It was an experience one will always remember.

We surely plan to return to Central Asia visiting other wonderful countries this region offers. Thank you Arara for this beautiful memories.

Thomas Meyer and friends from Germany

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Thank you, Tatev for organizing this trip. Central Asia tour you chose for me fit all my needs and preferences. The ancient cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan were so captivating. Our group had a knowledgeable guide who was very informative and easy to deal with at the same time. I will surely use your company again in the future and advertise you among my friends and acquaintances.

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Jennifer and Liam

We traveled with Central Asia Arara back in September. I am happy to say that we had a vacation of our lifetime!  Loved exploring the marvelous countries, the tour seemed to include so many interesting and exciting places. Our guides in all the 3 countries were very supportive and understanding during the whole trip. They paid attention to every detail, such as more stops during the tours, lunches at carefully chosen restaurants with delicious dishes. My husband and I are vegans and it is sometimes quite hard for us to find an appropriate restaurant in foreign countries. I am mostly satisfied with the hotels as well, good location and nice staff. Thank you for arranging this beautiful vacation.

Jennifer and Liam from Canada

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Geraldine and Mark

My husband and I have spent wonderful time in Central Asia. Arara helped us to organize the trip and took great care of us. Our tour agent Tatev was very easy to deal with both via emails and Whatsapp. There were so many unforgettable experiences in Uzbekistan (which we liked the most!). The best part of the trip was making many friends along the way, discussing our impressions with other group members and meeting so many hospitable and nice locals during the tours. Finally I can say that the whole trip went almost 100% as planned. My warmest greetings to our guides (especially Ayna), who were so supportive and kind.

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