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Before choosing a tour to Central Asia you can get acquainted with our travelers' feedback. 

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Liam and Max

We just returned from a well-organised jeep trip around Tajikistan. We liked everything very much. Jeeps were in excellent condition and comfortable. The guide Bobozhon conducted interesting excursions to the interesting architectural monuments. We seemed to plunge into an oriental tale. We will recommend to our friends and acquaintances to visit Tajikistan only through this amazing company!!!
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Arthur Adams

I booked yurts and deserts tour in Uzbekistan which included the sights of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. The trip exceeded all my expectations. Thanks, Sati! Everything organized by you was at the highest level! Buses were clean and comfortable, but I had a driver who was very scrupulous and I couldn’t communicate with him warmly. On the other hand, I had a guide Anjelika who was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly personality, and I liked to talk to her. Our hotels were located in the city centre, as well as yurts were comfortable and cosy. We had delicious food and interesting excursions.
I am delighted with the tour and my vigorous tour manager Sati! 
Best wishes,
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Peter Wright

I selected a 12-day jeep tour around Uzbekistan and my experience couldn't have been better. Not only they offered me a tour that perfectly met my requirements considering the time I had and what I wanted to do, but also they taught me a lot about Uzbekistan, its food and traditions. The guide Shukhrat was amazing: very attentive, fun and a great guy. I even got to know his family. The territory of Great Silk Road is one of the perfect areas in Uzbekistan to drive on good-conditioned and comfortable 4-wheels vehicles, provided by the company. The hotels were super comfortable and the food I had was very tasty, instead of one where the shower was broken. So, if you are jeep lovers, there is a great choice for you to choose this tour through this new but experienced company.
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Hannah Stocking

Hello everyone,
We spent 8 days and didn’t notice how the time passed in one breath. Thanks a lot to the travel agency for organising a trip to these beautiful hospitable countries: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Most areas of Kyrgyzstan are surrounded by breathtaking nature and mountains. I would like to mention the most impressive Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan, especially the Burana Tower and Tash Rabat. What we didn’t like was the car. It’s not as comfortable as needed to be, because mainly in Kyrgyzstan there were many dangerous roads that driver passed very difficult. Kyrgyz and Kazakh guides were very knowledgeable and responsible. The selection of hotels looked nicely as we requested, the only problem was with air-conditioning. Issyk-Kul is the second high-mountain lake and has scenic places that we enjoyed resting. Thank you for your responsiveness and special attention to each tourist, for pleasant surprises! Everything is organized at the highest level: meeting, hotels, excursions.
Thank you very much and kind regards!


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Paul & Emily

Everyone who plans to travel around Uzbekistan and the entire countries of Central Asia, I safely recommend contacting this company! We consulted our tour manager Sati and through her advice, we took a Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan group tour. After arriving at Almaty, we joint with another amazing and interesting group of people. We met our guides in both countries. One of them in Kyrgyzstan we asked Sati to change for his aggressive tone and she solved it quickly. After that, we got a very polite, friendly and hospitable guide, Anastasia! The hotels where we stayed looked very good, especially the hotel in Bishkek was remembered for its clean, comfortable and panoramic atmosphere. Transport everywhere arrived at its appointed time without letting us wait! We returned from a vacation with very pleasant emotions not taking into account minor inconveniences. Thanks to our cheerful and energetic Sati for organizing a fantastic trip to fantastic countries Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan!
Kind regards,
Paul and Emily 
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Henry, Robert and Samuel

I, Robert and Samuel decided to travel to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Three of us were impressed with the breathtaking landscapes, hospitability of local people, the cultural and historical life of both countries. Only Robert didn’t like the altitude of mountains, because he had blood pressure and none of us paid attention to this, beforehand. If you decide to travel around Central Asia, especially in Kyrgyzstan, make sure that you’ve passed medical insurance․ Guides and driver were friendly and communicative, especially Zhavlon in Kyrgyzstan. The travel agency and its staff were so passionate that organized absolutely brilliant tour. . . thanks for sharing with us great memories and travel experience!

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William Davis

Hi Sati,
I spoke with my colleagues and they stay satisfied with how you organized and planned a tour for us. You are really amazing, energetic and smiling woman, and it’s our luck to have you as our tour operator. You can organize any kind of tour perfectly by obstructing the problems as you did during our tour. Not taking into account those solved problems (none of us wants to remember as they didn’t happen) we spent excellent time in Uzbekistan with Dilnoza and Kyrgyzstan with Zhavlon. Especially we liked Registan Square in Samarkand and Manas the Great Monument in Bishkek. I highly recommend you and your company for organization of the perfect tour. We’ll work again with you in the future for our next trip to the left parts of Central Asia and also, the Caucasus.
Thank you so much, Sati, for taking care of all of us!
Sincerely yours,
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Isabelle Evans

Hello everyone,
It was inevitable wonderful experience and unforgettable trip to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, two different countries by history, exciting legends, architecture and cuisine. From travelling, I received new impressions, as well as long-term memories of the sights. There was a problem with car in Kyrgyzstan, because the car was old and had difficulties to move around the impassable roads, and driver wasn’t expert of such roads. No other complaints, everything was organized very well. Thanks to the company and tour operator Muzaffar for the perfect coordination!
Best regards,
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Oscar and Charlie

Before selecting a tour, we consulted with a knowledgeable tour operator Muzaffar who perfectly knows how to organize and what to suggest to his customers that it suits their preferences and they stay satisfied. We chose a 17-day tour around Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We liked our kind and hospitable guides Dilnoza and Anastasia. You can give her any question that you want to know about their history, culture, traditions. She will answer them with big interest, pleasure and love. Hotels were good, not bearing small problems in mind. We really appreciate how he organized and managed our tour.
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Ruby and Mia

Just finished the tour over a week ago and it was great. Our guides Anjelika, Jennet and Lola were knowledgeable and enthusiastic, it's easy to work with them and the best hotels available in each city. We did the "Three Stans" tour and were able to cover the main highlights of each country. In case you want to see more you need to plan more days as the distances from one site to another is big and, there are some tiring drives. Hotels were very good, with good breakfast and excellent collation. Central Asia is worth to travel, planning Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for 2020 with the same tour operator.

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Susan Walker

Group of 6 of our friends were on 3 Stans tour, and it was very good. All went smooth besides of border crossing, the vehicle didn’t take us to the neutral zone and we walked with luggage. But drivers always helped to carry luggage from/to hotel/car. Our Uzbek guide Dilnoza and Turkmen guide Jennet were very good, always helpful and attentive to all of our small group. Food also was good sometimes very oily, but tasty, though one of our group members had difficulty in finding veggie food. Overall, all of us agreed that the tour was well planned and professionally handled. Big thanks to Muzaffar our tour manager who was always in contact and helped with small issues like hotel hot water etc. I was a bit worried when started tour planning with so young company but everything was well done good luck.

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Antonio Rodriguez

Hi Sati, thanks so much for organizing our trip to Central Asia. We truly enjoyed the whole trip with sightseeing, hotels were a great choice. I enjoyed friendly staff, indoor and outdoor pools of City Palace Hotel Tashkent. Guides were knowledgeable one in history, culture the other in nature sites. Another highlight was Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent. Ashgabat was an amazing white city I haven’t seen so much marble buildings in one place and our amazing girl Jennet told many interesting stories about her country and local people. Before this trip we understood quite well travelling in Central Asia requires loots of logistical planning and my congratulations you are on top of everything and know all the tricks on border passing etc. Our guide Shukhrat was very patient and helpful. He always made sure that we are in a good mood and joked much. Shortly Central Asia is worth travelling and you made our travel.

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