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Central Asia Tours and Adventure 2021-2022

Are you an intrepid traveler seeking spectacularly under-the-radar off-path corners of the world? You are at the right time at the right place. Central Asia is a perfect choice for your new exciting adventures! It is a less discovered but worthy region - an extraordinary Silk Road empire glisten amidst the desert and majestic mountain peaks. Our tour agency in Central Asia will be your reliable guide to the life-enriching journey. We offer thought-out travel packages ensuring well-maintained itineraries, pre-ordered meals, transport, accommodations, as well as experienced guide services. With Arara Tour Operator in Central Asia you will uncover the gems of the Great Silk Road, feel like nomads in yurts, get adrenaline and admire the stunning landscapes. Just choose the travel package you like the most or send an individual request and our specialists will start the process of your trip organization.

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10 things you need to know before travelling to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is an amazing country with its mysteries and traditions. To explore the country and take all be best memories you need to plan the trip. Here are some important information and facts you need to know before traveling to Uzbekistan. The biggest disadvantage and inconvenience of traveling to Uzbekistan is registration. All tourists must fill in a special form with the place of residence. Hotels provide a blank with the dates of entry and exit, and when leaving the country it is necessary to provide this document.

Amir Timur Square

One of the best ways to start a tour in Tashkent is from the Amir Timur square, which is the heart of Tashkent. Situated in the center of the city the square serves as a starting point for the main streets and avenues of Tashkent. Situated in the center of the city the square serves as a starting point for the main streets and avenues of Tashkent. You can move in any direction leading to those streets to explore more of the city.


Samarkand, an administrative centre of Samarkand Province, is the third-largest city in Uzbekistan, as well as in the large size of population which makes about 529900. The total territory of the city Samarkand is 120 square kilometers located on the height of about 720 metres above sea level. The historical and ancient centre of the city is considered to be the Registan Square and Ensemble.