Central Asia Adventure Tour Packages

It is time to run away from everyday vanity and monotony and enjoy the days full of adventures. We are here to help you in making the right choice corresponding to all your desires. Central Asia will not disappoint in terms of adventure activities – hiking, camel riding, horse trekking, jeeping, mountaineering and other activities are widely practiced there. With our Central Asia Adventure Tour Packages, you will have a great chance to admire the majesty of Tian Shan and Pamir Mountains, enjoy camel riding and cycling, conquer the peaks, be rewarded by stunning views and feel like real nomads while accommodating in yurts, but that's not all! If you have an individual request, just contact us and we will organize a special adventure holiday for you. Enjoy your Asian Adventures with a reliable partner by your side.

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The diversity of Central Asian nature is striking in its contrasts: endless hot deserts and majestic snow-capped mountains, vast steppes with green oases, crystal lakes and stunning canyons. All this makes the region an attractive destination for adventure travel seekers. Tajikistan with its Pamir and Fan mountains is a great place for hiking; Uzbekistan has many opportunities for mountain climbing and skiing in the Chimgan mountains and jeep safaris in the yellow sands of deserts; in Kyrgyzstan, one can enjoy horse trekking, mountaineering. Well, that was only a small list of all possible activities. In a word, if you are energetic, dynamic, nature lover and cannot imagine your life without a portion of adrenaline then our Central Asia Adventure Tour Packages will defiantly come to your taste!

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