Afrasiab Museum of Samarkand

Afrasiab Museum represents the history of Samakard city. Afrasiab is the ruined site of ancient and medieval Samarkand in the northern part of the modern town. And the museum is near the hills of this ancient settlement. The name of the site is connected with the epic king of Turan, Afrasiab.

The city of Samarkand was surrounded by walls, inside there was the Shahristan Citadel and many local houses, temples, craftsmen’s studios. On the well-preserved walls of the building different pictures are noticed, which show the lives of the ruling monarchs.

Archaeological findings of the museum belong to different periods of history situated in five different rooms. The exhibits include knives, coins, swords, arrows, books as well as paintings of the 7-8th centuries. Today the museum keeps more than 22000 unique exhibits which are continuously being increased.

The museum has got its modern look in 1970. It was designed by an Armenian architect Baghdasar Arzumanyan and has become one of the most visited sights of the city. The opening year of the museum was also the 2500th anniversary of founding Samarkand.

Address:  Samarkand, Tashkentskaya Str.
Phone: (+998 66) 235-53-36
Working hours: 09:00a.m.-05:00p.m.
Closed: on Sunday
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