Alem Cultural and Entertainment Center

Walking about the streets and attractions of Ashgabat there comes a clear thought about the scales of everything you see in the capital. Everything is huge and non-realistic. Here is another eye-catching attraction in Ashgabat that strikes with its sizes. Alem is a 95-meters-high cultural and entertainment center with a huge Ferris wheel, the largest of all existing ones. Ashgabat Ferris wheel is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The construction of the cultural center was opened in 2012 and it took only two years to build this impressive center. The building is made in the style of a pyramid with a Ferris wheel on the top. The total height of the building is 95 meters. The six-level cultural and entertainment center occupies 26 thousand square meters.

Alem Cultural and Entertainment Center includes several museums. The most impressive one is the Space Museum with the models of spacecraft and the solar system. The virtual journey through the universe on a spacecraft is the most interesting part of the trip.

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