Alisher Navoi National Park

The Alisher Navoi National Park is one of Uzbekistan's largest urban parks situated in Tashkent. It was founded in 1932 and was named Komsomolsky in Soviet times. Nowadays it bears the name of a great medieval enlightener Alisher Navoi. The park covers 65 hectares area with a lake and a network of canals.

The A. Navoi park is in Almazar street, which is one of the main arteries of Tashkent. The main entrance of the park faces Beshagach Square. It is a beautiful green area of alleys and flower beds creating a special romantic atmosphere. The park allows one to scull a boat, ride a bike or roller-skate. There is also a big artificial lake, where swimming is allowed in hot seasons. There are different kinds of attractions and children's railway. It's an exact copy of a real railway built in the 1940s with rails and carriages with a smaller size than originals.

In the centre of the park is the memorial of Alisher Navoi as if blessing young people to keep the traditions of great people.

The territory of the Alisher Navoi Park is a site of a number of buildings and monuments: Oily Majlis-The Uzbek Parliament, the main register office, restaurant Navruz, concert hall Itsiklol, a series of fountains, an exhibition hall, the Abulkasym madrasah, which is a 16th-century building.

Address: Almazar street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Working hours: 09:00- 18:00 from Monday to Sunday
Entrance: Free

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