Amir Temur Kuragani Cave

Amir Temur Kuragani or The Tamerlan cave is located in the Hissar Mountain Range, Kashkadarya region. The cave has a huge entrance at the foot of the Eastern wall, deep in the canyon. The path leading to the entrance passes through the canyon and descends the stone steps to a depth of 200m. Closer to the entrance the canyon gets narrow with the huge rocky walls reaching 300m height.

Getting to the cave is not easy, so you need a conductor. The entrance in the shape of an arch in 6 meters height and 7 meters width leads to a dark and mysterious corridor. The walls are covered with calcite incrustations that look like jellyfish in the dark. The main passage leads deep to the cave in 400 meters with no side passages and chambers. The deeper you go the smaller the passage gets and you have to crawl. The narrow passage leads to the end of the cave. One of the most interesting parts of the cave is the small lake with a waterfall. The lake disappears in October.

According to legend, the great Tamerlane and his supporters were hiding in the cave for a long time. O course, it’s hardly possible, but locals are always good at inventing legends.


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