Amir Timur Square

One of the best ways to start a tour in Tashkent is from the Amir Timur square, which is the heart of Tashkent. Situated in the centre of the city the square serves as a starting point for the main streets and avenues of Tashkent. You can move in any direction leading to those streets to explore more of the city.

Amir Timur square was built by the initiative of the second general governor of region-M.G. Chernyaev and was originally founded in 1882 under the name of Konstantinovsk square. It was a small park surrounded by the buildings of men and women’s gymnasiums, the building of the state bank, a school. However, throughout time many things have changed and there is almost nothing left from the original plan of the park.

During different epochs of the state’s development, different monuments of prominent figures were set in the middle of the square. The first one as was the monument of K.P. Kaufman-the governor of the Turkestan area. Then it was replaced by the monument to Free Workers in 1917, the monument to October Revolution in 1927, the monument to Stalin in 1947  and to Karl Marx in 1968. Finally, on the 3rd anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence on 31st August 1994 the monument of Amir Temur was placed in the square and named after him.

The bronze statue of the Great Amir (Tamerlane) sitting on a horse is in the centre of the square. It represents the great militant raising his hand up to the sky as if blessing his nation. His famous motto is engraved on the plinth of the monument -“ Power is in Justice”. The sculpture is Ilkhom Jabbarov.

The surrounding buildings of the square are the “Uzbekistan” hotel, the Amir Timur Museum, the University of Law, Taskent Chimes and the Forums Palace. All of them have a big historical significance for modern Tashkent.


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