Amu Darya river

River Amu Darya flows through Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is considered the deepest river of Central Asia. The river is formed by the confluence of the rivers Panj and Vakhsh and flows into the Aral Sea. The length of Amu Darya is about 1415 km with 309 thousand river basin. The main flow of the river is in Tajikstan and partly in Afghanistan.

The river got its name from the ancient city of Amul. In the times of Zoroastrianism, it was called Vakhsh in honour of the goddess of fertility. Now Vakhsh is the name of another river. During the campaign of Alexander the Great, Greeks called the river Oxus.

During the centuries, many small and large cities appeared on both banks of the river. To date, there are several cities, Termez, Urgench, Turkmenabar and Nukus on its banks. Today the river is used for irrigation and fishing.

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