Aral Sea

Once the majestic Aral Sea is now a desert and a serious environmental problem for the country and the whole region. 60 years ago, it was the fourth-largest lake on the globe with its unique fauna. What did actually happen that brought to the current situation?

Since the 60’s Aral Sea, started drying out and the only responsible for the disaster was the human being. The rivers feeding the lake started to be used for irrigation and this was the beginning of the End. In 1989, the lake was separated into reservoirs: the Large Aral Sea was on the territory of Uzbekistan and the Small Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.

In the 2000s, the Large Aral Sea was divided into two parts. The pictures from space showed that the size of the lake was a quarter of the initial size while the volume of the water was 10%. Today, instead of the large lake there is the Aralkum saline desert that spreads on the territory of 38000 km2. The small part of the lake looks so unreal at a distance. To get to the water you have to pass the sea mud that has healing properties. The water of the lake is as salty as the one of the Dead Sea.

The Aral Sea and Aralkum desert are popular destinations for jeep tours. The route passes through the Kyzylkum desert, Aralkum desert, Usturt Plateau and ancient cities of Uzbekistan.


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