Art Gallery of Uzbekistan

Art gallery of Uzbekistan presents the richest collection of works of fine art from the XX century to the present day. The gallery stores unique examples of the numismatics of Central Asia. The building of the gallery was opened in 2004 but the gallery itself existed since 1994. For a long time, the works were kept in the Bank gallery and when there was no space to keep the exhibits, a new modern building was opened near Independence Square.

The main collection of the gallery includes the works of Uzbek artists of the XX century as well as works of contemporary artists. Art gallery regularly hosts exhibitions of foreign artists and organizes cultural events.

The building of the art gallery has 15 rooms including exhibition halls, cinema hall, library, lecture hall, conference room, studio, and workshops. There is also a gift shop and a cafeteria for guests.

Address: Buyuk Turon St 2
Phone: (998 71) 233-56-74

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