Ayaz-Kala Fortress

Ayaz-kala is one of the historical marvels of Uzbekistan situated in the north-western part of Karakalpakstan. In the Kyzyl Kum desert survived the ruins of one of the largest fortresses of ancient Khorezm. Actually, it's not one fortress, there is a complex of 3 fortresses together around a hill in the eastern part of Sultan Uwais complex. All the fortresses were located at a visible distance from each other, most probably in order to signal about the approach of enemies, as  fortresses were built as a means of protection from enemies

According to some legends, the name of the fortress is connected with the famous warrior-slave Ayaz. Ayaz is a Central Asian Turkic folklore hero. The history of this monumental art goes back to as early as the 4th century BC. It was the time when the Zoroastrian traditions became one of the main spiritual values of local people. That is the reason why Ayaz-kala is also called the Fortress of the light, as light and darkness were the core values of this religion.

 Near the fortress remains of palaces and traces of local agricultural population have been found. The fortress had been abandoned for 1300 years until the 1940s when it was rediscovered by archaeologists. The mud structures have been at risk as they were left exposed and unprotected for centuries.

There is Ayaz-kala yurt camp at the foot of the fortress from the western side. Here visitors can have a rest, lunch and ride Arabian camels. Yurts are usually designed for 20-25 people full of matrasses and blankets inside. Usually they national dishes and folk music in the evenings.


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