Aydar Lake

There is a beautiful miracle lake in the middle of the mysterious Kyzylkum desert called Aydar. It is situated in north-eastern Uzbekistan within 50 km distance from the city of Nurata. Settlements are considerably far from the lake, there are not many people residing in the area.

Aydarkul lake is the ecological opposite phenomenon of the Aral Sea, the polluted shrinking reservoir, and their stories are closely connected. Aydarkul is part of the artificial reservoir in the Aydar-Arnasay system of 3 lakes.  Today the lake has an area of 3000 square km, almost 250 km length and 15 km width.

 The lake is often called ''the turquoise sea in the sands''.  It is a natural attraction for many travellers who become tired wandering through the desert. The area is rich in flora and fauna. The shores of the lake serve as a shelter for many birds, which are included in the Red Book of Uzbekistan. There are also many varieties of fish here, that's why it is considered to be an ideal place for fishing in Uzbekistan.

For the adventurous travellers many yurt camps are located near the lake. The most famous and visited one is ''Aydar''. It is 7 km far from the lake. They offer to live in the yurt, ride a camel or try kumis-the fermented camel milk.

On the way to the yurt camp, there is the most famous place where petroglyphs were found-Sarmish. It has more than 3000 petroglyphs.

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