Barak-Khan Madrasah

Barak-khan Madrasah was the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Central Asia. It was built in the XVI century by Suyunidz-khan. Today Madrasah is considered to have the richest library with unique and priceless oriental manuscripts. World-famous Koran of Caliph Osman, that is the first source of Islam book written in the VII century, is also kept here. Koran has 353 pages of the original text; it was also kept in Medina, Bagdad, and Damascus.

The central entrance of Madrasah is decorated with ceramic mosaics and paintings. The complex includes mausoleums that are older than the madrasah itself. Barak-khan Madrasah is built of bricks with a sky blue dome. In earlier times, the blue dome was decorated with mosaic stars. The entrances are of metal and ivory construction.

Madrasah was badly damaged during the earthquake. The historical monument was included in the project of preservation of architectural monuments and restored within the framework of the project. After the Spiritual Administration of Muslims was moved to a new building, the hujras of madrasah were turned into workshops of artisans and craftsmen.

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