Beldersay is a popular mountain ski resort in the Gazalkent area of the Tashkent region. It is just 80 km far from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. It is also near to another famous mountain ski resort - ''Chimgan''.

The thick snow cover lies on the slopes of Kumbel mountain, on which the route is located. It is running from the Urta Kumbel Pass (1850 m) to Chet Kubmel Pass (1880 m) and then to Kumbel Pass (2550 m). On this route, you will see many archa (conifer) forests. The snow in the area doesn't melt from December to April and the air temperature can reach up to +18°C. Due to the unique place and perfect temperature, it can be considered a world-class resort.

The area has a lot to offer, not only during the wintertime but also all year-round. The contrast of climate, wonderful landscapes with mountain valleys, snowy peaks, loud waterfalls, mountain streams and lakes, mountain villages with national Uzbek traditions.

In this recreation area, a prehistoric monument was found. They are the Beldersay petroglyphs, which are rock carvings at the height of 2450 meters. They show scenes of hunting on ibexes, also paintings of domesticated animals. This picture gallery is evidence of the ancient culture and lifestyle of the prehistoric people who lived in the territory of Uzbekistan and the surrounding states.

The nearest ski resort ''Chimgan'' is 4 km away, where it is possible to go on a horse-riding trip or just spend time in a Disco club.

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