Bibi-Khanym Mosque

Bibi-Khanym Mosque is one of the impressive buildings in ancient Samarkand. It was one of the biggest mosques in the Islamic world. According to legend, Tamerlane built the mosque in honour of his favourite wife-Bibi Khanym.

After his Indian campaign in Timur decided to start construction of the biggest building of the East. It should have been a gigantic mosque in his new capital Samarkand. Hundreds of architects, painters and builders started to work on the construction which took 5 years (1399-1404).

Unfortunately, in the very first years after construction, the mosque began to collapse, problems with structural integrity had been revealed. Various reconstructions and reinforcements had been done, but they didn't help to keep the building. After the 16th century, the restorations of the Bibi-Khanym mosque were cancelled. Only in the late 20th century Uzbek government again started the reconstructions and until 2016 there were ongoing restorations.

Today Bibi-Khanym mosque is on the most visited places in Samarkand. The northeastern part of the mosque has a courtyard, which is famous for a huge Quran stand ornamented by marble blocks. On the opposite side of the courtyard, one can see the largest cupola of the mosque-the dome. There are also four restored minarets. The majestic mosque has a lot to be praised for and to impress.


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