Bolo Hauz Mosque

Bolo Hauz Mosque is one of the most beautiful and significant historical monuments of Bukhara. The monument is the only one preserved on Registan Square. The complex was built in the XVIII century by the order of Emir’s wife and includes the main mosque, minaret and a pool (hauz) in front of the mosque. The name of the ensemble, Bolo Hauz, is translated as “children’s pool”.

The traditional verandah ayvan is decorated with 20 pillars of 12-meter height. The complex is also known as the mosque of 40 columns. The wooden pillars reflecting in the waters of the pond create an illusion of numerous columns. They are made of walnut, poplar and elmwood. The columns are decorated with beautiful geometric and floral ornaments completing the whole ensemble of ornamented façade and the ceiling. The main arch is decorated with colourful mosaic.

The mosque has two parts for hot and cool weather. The closed hall has several entries. On hot weather, the locals gather in ayvan for prayer.

The pond (hauz or khauz) is the oldest part of the complex. Like other reservoirs of Bukhara, it was used as a drinking water source. Such ponds were also the source of many diseases and by time, they were all drained.


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