Center of Applied Arts

The preservation and development of traditional crafts are one of the most important objectives for the cultural life of the country. Uzbekistan Golden Heritage (Oltin Meros) Fund is aimed to help the younger generation to present works of traditional art not only in the country but also abroad. Center of Applied Arts was opened within the framework of the Fund.

The building of the centre is a historical monument of the XIX century. Madrasah was built close to a sanctuary. Later Hanak Muyi Muborak mosque was built on the place of sanctuary. Madrasah, where the modern centre of applied arts is now located, was built in a classy medieval style. The rectangular building has a courtyard and hujras (small rooms) along the perimeter. The windows of hujras are decorated with wooden lattices that are a bright example of developed traditional woodcarving.

Today, there is a school of applied arts of the Hunarmad Artisans Association in the centre of Applied Arts. Students are taught woodcarving and ganch carving, metal carving, traditional miniature, gold embroidery, etc. Guests can not only watch craftsmen working but also buy the works in the souvenir shop.

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