Center of National Arts

The centre of National arts presents a unique palette of Uzbek customs and handicraft of Uzbekistan; sculptures, paintings, national dances, theatre and much more. The collection presents the work of well-known national craftsmen and the works of the younger generation.

The gallery is located in one of the busiest areas of the capital, near Chorsu Bazaar. The oriental style building by the best architects presents a recreation of traditional medieval style with the mixture of modern elements of inner décor.

The Center of National arts has two floors for the exhibits and other halls. Besides the main exhibition, the centre regularly holds cultural events and hosts foreign exhibitions. The centre also includes boutiques of modern designers.

The most interesting parts include the galleries of Uzbek handicrafts like metal engraving, paintings, golden embroidery, ceramics, etc.  

Address: Zarkaynar St 1
Phone: 150-40-12, 150-40-13

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