Favorite site in Central Asia
Her most favourite site is Jeti Oguz Gorge - its incredible rocks resemble large bulls and there is a beautiful legend of a broken-hearted woman and two grooms connected to this site.
Why guide?
Her father’s stories about the extraordinary beauty of her homeland motivated Anastasia to became a guide. For Anastasia guiding is a chance to constantly learn something new and make new friends.
Random Facts
Anastasia is an English speaking guide in Kyrgyzstan and Southern Kazakhstan. She graduated from the faculty of tourism. Her aim is to see the tourists leaving her homeland with happy smiles and sincere love.
Guide reviews

Jose and Emilia

I and my wife have just arrived in México city and we’ve impressed with the extraordinary, interesting and beautiful mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Till now we talk with our friends and relatives about our big impressions of these mountains. Really if you decide to visit Central Asia, you should absolutely include Kyrgyzstan in your tour. During this visit, we chose two countries from five, and our guide Anastasia told us that Kyrgyzstan stands out with its nature from the other four countries. If you are a nature lover, you should visit Kyrgyzstan, but if you are closer to the historic architecture, you should visit Uzbekistan. The cities Bukhara and Samarkand are distinguished with their amazing architecture. We were lucky with our guides and drivers, all of them were enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. Hotels were nice, but we have the most satisfied and dissatisfied ones. The best hotel for us was the City Palace Hotel in Tashkent, its facilities and services were in the high standards, as well as the members of staff are highly qualified professionals, friendly and helpful. On the other hand, the first day of our living, we got bad mood from room service of Bek Khiva Hotel in Khiva, but after our sign, they tried to make better services. Anyway, everything was spent great and we were satisfied with how we were rested. Now as we haven’t stopped to talk about our tour with our friends, they decide to visit Central Asia too, and of course, they will use this company who had big participation and influence in our tour, without them we wouldn’t have such amazing tour!!!
Kind regards,
Jose and Emilia
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Paul & Emily

Everyone who plans to travel around Uzbekistan and the entire countries of Central Asia, I safely recommend contacting this company! We consulted our tour manager Sati and through her advice, we took a Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan group tour. After arriving at Almaty, we joint with another amazing and interesting group of people. We met our guides in both countries. One of them in Kyrgyzstan we asked Sati to change for his aggressive tone and she solved it quickly. After that, we got a very polite, friendly and hospitable guide, Anastasia! The hotels where we stayed looked very good, especially the hotel in Bishkek was remembered for its clean, comfortable and panoramic atmosphere. Transport everywhere arrived at its appointed time without letting us wait! We returned from a vacation with very pleasant emotions not taking into account minor inconveniences. Thanks to our cheerful and energetic Sati for organizing a fantastic trip to fantastic countries Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan!
Kind regards,
Paul and Emily 
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Edward Thomas

We want to thank for the well-organised tour to our tour operator Lusine who were always ready to help us during our tour. She chose comfortable and beautiful hotels for us. Also, we were followed by the honest and friendly guides with interesting information: Anastasia in Kyrgyzstan, Bobozhon in Tajikistan, Shukhrat in Uzbekistan and Jennet in Turkmenistan. Our drivers were experts in impassable areas, especially driver in Kyrgyzstan because there were dangerous roads that we thought we couldn’t pass. We had flights wherever possible to substitute for long driving, aircraft were modern and on schedule. Our favourite part was in Bukhara, especially its architectural ensembles of various times standing next to each other, which creates an incredible scene of a fairytale. We met and communicated with many people in markets and in craft shops. We will recommend this company to our friends and relatives!
Yours sincerely,
Edward and his team
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