Favorite site in Central Asia
For Dilnoza it is the Zaamin National Park where you can admire the Zaamin mountains and the hidden beautiful mountain lakes far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Why guide?
It’s a fascinating experience to share your culture with people all around the world and to learn about various cultures through the tours. Every other time guiding feels like looking at your own culture through other eyes.
Random Facts
Dilnoza’s outgoing character and the experience will ensure that you have outmost comfort throughout the tours. She is always open to answer any of your questions. The love and passion for Uzbekistan make her tours lively and natural.
Guide reviews

Oscar and Charlie

Before selecting a tour, we consulted with a knowledgeable tour operator Muzaffar who perfectly knows how to organize and what to suggest to his customers that it suits their preferences and they stay satisfied. We chose a 17-day tour around Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We liked our kind and hospitable guides Dilnoza and Anastasia. You can give her any question that you want to know about their history, culture, traditions. She will answer them with big interest, pleasure and love. Hotels were good, not bearing small problems in mind. We really appreciate how he organized and managed our tour.
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Susan Walker

Group of 6 of our friends were on 3 Stans tour, and it was very good. All went smooth besides of border crossing, the vehicle didn’t take us to the neutral zone and we walked with luggage. But drivers always helped to carry luggage from/to hotel/car. Our Uzbek guide Dilnoza and Turkmen guide Jennet were very good, always helpful and attentive to all of our small group. Food also was good sometimes very oily, but tasty, though one of our group members had difficulty in finding veggie food. Overall, all of us agreed that the tour was well planned and professionally handled. Big thanks to Muzaffar our tour manager who was always in contact and helped with small issues like hotel hot water etc. I was a bit worried when started tour planning with so young company but everything was well done good luck.

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Mary, Elizabeth, Richard and Dave

Our group of four had a spectacular visit to Uzbekistan which was probably one of the most well-organised and streamlined tours we’ve ever been in, especially when there was a lot to coordinate across the four different cities. The tour guide Dilnoza was knowledgeable and experienced, we’ve learnt much more from her. We had one day free to explore the sights of Tashkent. We recommend visiting some of the sights in the evening to see them with beautiful and shiny lights. The trains were also very modern and comfortable, but there was a problem with air-conditioning in the car. We went to Uzbekistan in the summer and in that period there was too hot. Our tour manager Muzaffar solved the problem and we didn’t feel hot any more. The company pays attention to each detail and try to solve it. Highly recommended!

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