Favorite site in Central Asia
Her favorite sites of Turkmenistan are the ancient town Merv located on the bank of Murghab river, as well as Koneurgench town located on the shore of the river Amu Darya.
Why guide?
Her passion of guiding came from the communication with various cultural backgrounds of people, the patience of hardworking and gaining new information.
Random Facts
Jennet has recently joined our team because she is very energetic and positive personality. Tourists enjoy listening her stories about her hometown. She leads cultural/historical and extreme tours in Turkmenistan.
Guide reviews

il Bianchi

Hi Eduard, we are back to Brazil safe and sound. My family is grateful for what you have organized for us. Despite the fact 9 people in the group, you could manage to please everyone’s desires. It was always my dream to travel with my whole family and with the help of Arara my dream came true. We have never travelled this much longer and the itinerary was arranged perfectly in order to not spent much time on the roads. Concerning guides in all countries, all of them were well prepared and special thanks to Arthur who was assisting us in Armenia.
Just a small concern, we did not like that much the passport control process in Azerbaijan which I totally agree does not have anything to do with Arara but I have written a letter to the embassy concerning the current situation on that and hope it will help in the near future.
We really enjoy the picturesque scenery of Mtskheta, the panoramic view from Garni Pagan Temple, the town of love Sighnaghi in Georgia. I can’t forget how beautiful the big Almaty lake was, monasteries, mosques which we have visited were just perfectly selected for us. Drivers were professional too, hotels in all countries were nice and clean except the one in Turkmenistan. Guides (Shukhrat, Anastasia, Bobozhon and Jennet) in Central Asia were amazing and knowledgeable, they told us interesting legends about their countries. 
Thanks one more time for your assistance and please thank whole Arara stuff for being so motivated and well prepared. I will definitely recommend your services to my friend and colleagues.
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Ruby and Mia

Just finished the tour over a week ago and it was great. Our guides Anjelika, Jennet and Lola were knowledgeable and enthusiastic, it's easy to work with them and the best hotels available in each city. We did the "Three Stans" tour and were able to cover the main highlights of each country. In case you want to see more you need to plan more days as the distances from one site to another is big and, there are some tiring drives. Hotels were very good, with good breakfast and excellent collation. Central Asia is worth to travel, planning Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for 2020 with the same tour operator.

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Sarah Williams

Hello Sati,
I would like to say that the 5-Stans tour was wonderful as it had been billed to be. It was an excellent tour and I enjoyed every aspect of it. The sights were incredible. Thanks to our Kazakh and Turkmen guides for making our trips of these two incredible countries the best and memorable. Guides and drivers were knowledgeable and very responsible, so we got everywhere, saw and gained everything. Hotels were very nice with panoramic views, but we weren’t satisfied only with the hotel in Tajikistan, it’s not suited to the standards what we asked. Thank you, Sati, for the excellent tour - it was truly magnificent! 
Best of Luck,
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