Favorite site in Central Asia
One of her favourite sites in Central Asia is Pamir Mountains
Why guide?
Lola enjoys guiding because of her enthusiasm to communicate with new people and explore new places.
Random Facts
Lola is a-three-year experienced English travel guide. She’s joined Arara since the first day of our company in Central Asia. She leads cultural, gourmet and group tours all around Tajikistan.
Guide reviews

Amelia Brightman

Central Asia gets a bad rap for being unsafe and difficult to travel to but I can say having returned from my trip that this reputation is undeserved. As a woman travelling alone, many friends worried that I would have problems and warned against going on this trip but I am thankful that I was not deterred. In Central Asia, I found kind and helpful people as my guides Lola and Anastasia, an astounding variety of remarkable landscapes and a deep history (not to mention delicious food!). I want to say thank you to Arara for organizing my tour, calming my fears and showing me the beauty of Central Asia. I would like to thank Tatev especially for her work in organizing everything, she was kind, professional and very fast with responding to my emails.

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Hi Sati,
As you know, I travelled to Central Asia with my parents and spent a great time. We had very informative and friendly guides like Lola in Tajikistan and Jennet in Turkmenistan, as well as drivers moved on the roads smoothly though the parts of Kyrgyzstan were difficult to pass. As the air-conditioning of the car was broken at the beginning of the tour, we want to thank you for a quick response to the problem. All the hotels were nice, but there were the broken shower and hot water problems in the hotel of Tajikistan. Sati, once again many thanks for your hard work. I will definitely be in touch with you soon for future travel.
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Stephen and Mary

Hi everyone!
Our kind and friendly tour operator Sati organised a wonderful jeep tour in Tajikistan for me and my husband. Our guide Lola and driver were professionals, knowledgeable and very talkative. What we knew about Tajikistan was that it is the poorest country of Central Asia with an income of about 800 dollars. Tajikistan is famous for its highest flagpole and dependency on migrant transfers in the world. We mostly like the mountains of Tajikistan, and if you decide to travel in Tajikistan, jeep tour is the most suited tour for travelling there. The hotels where we stayed were good with a panoramic view. Also, we had free time to walk around the city and visit the sights without haste.
Thank you for your friendly staff. Wish you success and prosperity!
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