Charvak Lake

Translated as ''four gardens'' lake Charvak is a water reservoir in the northern part of the Tashkent region. Located 60km far from Tashkent it separates Ugam, Pskem and Chatkal mountain ranges. The 168m high rock dam was erected in 1970 on the river Chirchiq. Charvak turned into a wonderful blue-water mountain lake attracting a lot of travellers.

Charvak lake is part of the Ugam Chatkal National park- one of the largest national parks in Uzbekistan.  One of the reasons to visit the National Park is the nearest distance from Tashkent. It can be a one-day trip to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lake is a popular place to go for paragliding, swimming, fishing or watching sunrises and sunsets. 

Other interesting places to visit on the way are Bogustan, Brichmulla and Sidjak villages. Bogustan is the birthplace of  2 famous people of East: Sheikh Khovendi at-Tahur (Shaykhantaur) and his distant relative Ubaydulla Akhror, world-wide known great master of Sufism.

Close to the nearby Paltau river, there are some historical monuments also. For example, it is possible to visit Obirahmat, which is the oldest camp of people from the Mousterian period. In the village of Khojikent, there is a cave called Chinor, which has many rock paintings on the walls.

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