Chatkal Ridge

Chatkal Ridge is the western branch of the Tien Shan mountain system that crosses Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia. The ridge has several peaks with the height of about 3000 m including Kyzylnura, Greater Chimgan, Krakush, Babaytag and Chatkal. The peaks are covered with snow from November to March.

The peaks of Chatkal Ridge are the most popular destinations for climbing, camping and trekking. Camping sites are located in a 2-hour drive from Tashkent and in spring, Chatkal Ridge becomes a touristic centre. The ascent is of different complexity depending on which peak is chosen. More often tourists spend several days exploring the whole beauty of the Chatkal Ridge, Charvak Reservoir and the valleys. There are several villages at the foothills that attract with the view of picturesque vineyards on the background of rocky mountains. 

The area is famous for its ancient petroglyphs located not far from the Beldersay recreation area. The petroglyphs prove that the territory was inhabited more than 6 thousand years ago. Similar signs can be found throughout the territory of Uzbekistan.  


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