“Chorsu” Art Gallery

Chorsu art gallery is one of the most significant parts of Samarkand’s cultural life. The building is located not far from Registan square, behind Sher-Dor madrassah. The hexagonal gallery was built in the XV century and was used as a shopping pavilion for hats. Once it was located at the intersection of four roads and got its name “Chorsu”, (Chor in Persian means four, “su” means path).

Throughout history, the building was reconstructed several times. The base of the building was buried under a three-layer soil and it was removed during the last restoration. In 2005 the art gallery was opened in the building of Chorsu shopping hall.

“Chorsu” Art Gallery exhibition presents the best works of artists from Uzbekistan, mainly from Samarkand. The gallery regularly organizes exhibitions of young artists. There is also a separate exhibition hall of traditional painted pottery, sculptures and other pieces of art of Uzbek artists.

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