Constitution monument

The constitution monument of Turkmenistan is situated in Ashgabat and is considered to be the second-tallest building in Turkmenistan. You can imagine already that it is a massive structure reaching to 185 meters in height. The monument was constructed in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s constitution.

The monument is not something new and unique, which you wouldn’t see in other parts of the city. The whole monument is built with marble, as most of the buildings and monuments in Ashgabat. Soldier statues welcome the visitors at the entrance surrounded by decorative pools and green areas.

You can see many eight-pointed stars (Rub el Hizb- a symbol in Islam) near the entrance, on the main monument and other places.  The 5 stars on the tower have carpet patterns and they symbolize the 5 provinces of Turkmenistan. There are 5 golden stars and crescent at the top of the tower which symbolize the unity and solidarity of Turkmens. The unique and beautiful parts of this monument are golden statues of pigeons surrounding the main building. There are 5 floors in the main building and 15 more in the tower. Inside there are conference rooms, reading rooms, a souvenir shop and a museum.

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