Tashauz or Dashkhovuz historical names of the city consisted of two words: Turkish word Tash/Dash (stone) and Arabic word hawd (pool). It meant ‘stone pool’ because the city was surrounded by the fortress and caravanserai with large stones in Khiva Khanate. In 1992 its original version of Russian name Tashauz was changed into the version of Turkmen name Dashkhovuz. Then, in 1999 the first president Saparmurat Niyazov suggested naming the city as Dashoguz. Nowadays, its name has come from the behalf of Oguz tribal association ‘Dash Oguz’, which means ‘external oguzes’. The city was established in 1681 as a caravanserai.

Dashoguz is an administrative centre in Dashoguz region of the north-east part of Turkmenistan, on both shores of Shavat Canal. This is one of the cities in Turkmenistan that the number of ethnic Uzbeks are very high and makes over 70% of the population, which was 275,278 people in 2012. It was located in an ecologically unfavourable area of the Aral Sea, and is 630 kilometres far away from Ashgabat capital city of Turkmenistan, from Nukus capital city of Karakalpakstan – 101 kilometres, from Urgench regional centre of Khorezm Region in Uzbekistan – 68 kilometres. Emerkum Sands lie from the city to the south.

Urban public transports of the city are the municipal bus, minibus, municipal and private taxi. Tashauz bus station connects the city with the regional centres, as well as Ashgabat. Tashauz Railway Station built in 1996 and situated within the city was the largest and modern station not only in Turkmenistan but also in Aral Sea Region. However, Tashauz Airport reconstructed in 2009-2010 is 10 kilometres far away from the city. It operates domestic flights to Ashgabat, Turkmenabat, Turkmenbashi, Balkanabat and Mary.

In this city the only mobile operator TMcell operates, and also there is a café where tourists can use the high-speed Internet to share their best shots of the city on social media. Recently, the city, as well as its flora and fauna, have become tourist-attracted, especially the main interest in Koneurgench - the oldest city of Khorezm Khanate. Additionally, hunting and fishing are very popular here.

Therefore, Dashoguz is very famous with it bazaars, such as the largest Bai Bazar located in the city centre, Shor-Bazaar in the north-east, Nygmat Bazaar in the micro-district ‘Centre-2’ and Ak Bazaar in the east of Novruz micro-district. There is a mosque in the city, as well as the orthodox church built-in 2010 in the south-east part of the city.

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