Fergana is an administrative and provincial centre in Fergana Province of Eastern Uzbekistan with a population of 340600. By the geographical position, it is situated in the south of Fergana Valley. The distance from the east of Fergana to Tashkent is 420 kilometres, though from the south-west to Andijan – 75 km. Additionally, the territory of the city takes 95,6 km² with an altitude of 580 m above sea level.

Since 1876 the city has been modernised and become more attracted. It is also called as ‘The pearl of East. Fergana city separates into five hinterlands: Markaz (Central), Kirguli, Oybek (Frunzenskiy), Yassaviy (Kalininskiy) and Kadiri (Akhunbabaevskiy).

The following sights of Fergana city are the most attracted and visited places via tourists: Provincial Local Studies Museum, Old Fortress, Provincial Theatre or House of General Mikhail Skobelev, House of Officers or Military Assembly, Administrative Complex of FU or former Male Gymnasium, Central Prison or former Horse stable of Officers, Jome Masjidi Cathedral Mosque and Sai River. In the city, there are two largest theatres which are Musical Drama Theatre named after Shakardzhonov and Russian Drama Theater named after Gorky. On the other hand, Puppet Theatre Yoshlik was built on the first of June of 2013. Since 1899 Provincial Library named after Ahmad al-Fargon has been opened.

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