German Kirche in Tashkent

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tashkent, which is well known as German Kirche is the only Lutheran church in Tashkent. It was built in 1899 when there was a huge number of Lutheran Germans serving for the troops of Imperial Russia.

This 19th-century building is situated on the street of Sadiq Asimov and is surrounded by beautiful trees of more than 100 years old. It is made of yellow-brown bricks in the neo-Gothic style. The interior of the church is more modest than in most Catholic churches.

Like many other churches in Soviet times, the church served for different purposes: it was used as a warehouse and then it was given to the Tashkent Conservatory and they used it also as an opera studio of the conservatory.

Nowadays, many Germans of Tashkent, also strangers visit the cathedral based on Catholic traditions. The parishioners of the church are mostly Tashkent Germans, that is why here on Sundays, church ceremonies take place in Russian and German.


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