Gijduvan is a small town situated 50 kilometres north from Bukhara on the way to Navoi. It has been known as a trade and craft centre and today it is considered to be the ceramic heritage centre of Uzbekistan.

Gijduvan ceramics school has deep roots and is characterized by the unique use of geometric, zoomorphic and plant patterns. Gijduvan is the only place in the region specializing in the production of glazed ceramics based on old traditions. Craftsmen of Gijduvan play an important role in the local economy, as their works attract tourists a lot. The town has its unique style of pottery, which is defined by applying turquoise –blush colour to the pottery.

The visitors of the city always can get an opportunity to attend one of the master-classes of the famous craftsmen. It’s possible to decorate your own dish and make your own masterpiece.

Gijduvan is also very famous for its local cuisine. It is considered to have the best shashlik in Uzbekistan. Shashlik making techniques from Gijduvan are spread all around the country.

Gijduvan used to be an educational, religious, cultural centre for the region but starting dor 1930s it was turned into a more commercial centre. So one of the most popular places to visit there is the local bazaar, which is situated near the main bus station. The famous historical monuments of the town are the Madrassah of Ulugbek and the memorial of Abdul Khalik Gijduvani, who was a well-known central-Asian Sufi teacher.

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