Halk Hakydasy Memorial Complex

Halk Hakydasy or “People’s Memory” is a large memorial complex located to the southwest of Ashgabat. The complex is built in memory of three events in the history of Turkmenistan; the earthquake of Ashgabat in 1948, World War II and the memory to all the heroes of the battle of Geok Tepe.

The construction of the complex took two years and it was officially opened on Turkmenistan Memorial Day in 2014. The complex occupies about 650 thousand square meters. The huge memorial complex includes several monuments and a museum.

At the entrance, there is the scheme of the complex where you can see traditional Turkmen landscape designs with eight-pointed stars, the symbols of five provinces, fountains and lush green gardens. A huge staircase with five levels leads to the main alley of monuments and the museum. The fountains are located on both sides of the alley.

The monuments are located on the hill in a semicircle, behind them there stands the building of the Museum of Remembrance in semicircle form.

Monument Milletiň ogullary

The monument build in memory of all the heroes of battles for the Motherland depicts the Mother and her sons bowing. Before 2012 the monument decorated the center of Ashgabat.

Monument Baky şöhrat

The monument is dedicated to the memory of fallen during World War II. The five 27-meter high steles are placed on a base-forming an eight-pointed star.

Monument Ruhy Tagzym

This monument is dedicated to the victims of the Ashgabat Earthquake. The 10-metre high bronze statue depicts a fierce bull and the Earth chopped with his horns.

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