Hissar Cave

Hissar is one of the caves of Hissar range, in karst plateau of Kashkadarya province. It was discovered by the group of speleologists from Ternopil and Kyiv in 1981. The entrance is located in the centre of the plateau. As soon as you pass the entrance, there starts a cascade of vertical icy shafts that go down to a depth of 60m and change to a system of meanders.

The group of 13 speleologists managed to discover more passages of the cave up to 150 m depth; the passages got names “Massage”, “Lope de Vega” and the deepest “The Bottom”. The upper part of the cave is full of impressive stalactites and stalagmites, ice figures and thick ice coatings on the walls.

The latest expedition in 2011 by the speleological group from Ternopil and Chernivtsi discovered a new passage that led to a meander stretching to 370 m. The first part of the passage is a huge gallery with a frozen river and icefalls. After 100 meters of passage, there appear pits with springs and a brook “The Pit of Rumbling Stones”. The further passage has interesting stalagmites and stalactites, three more pits and the deepest one “Chocolate” in 80m depth. The final examination of the cave noted 204 m depth of Hissar Cave with a length of 1761 m.

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