Hissar National Reserve

The National park is located on the western slopes of Hissar Mountain Range, Kashkadarya province, at an altitude of 4349 meters above the sea level. The lowest part of the reserve is 1750 meters. The reserve was opened in 1983 after the two reserves – the Miraki and the Kyzylsuy reserves were joined together.

Hissar National reserve is the largest on the territory of Uzbekistan. It occupies 80.986 ha and it is divided into 4 zones. The Tashkurgan zone occupies the basin of the Kyzyldarya River. It is located at an elevation of 1800 and 4000 meters above the sea level and occupies about 30,000 ha.

The Miraki zone is located to the north-west; the highest point is 4,300 meters. The total area of the zone is 11,821 ha. The Tanhkhuz and Gilan zones are the highest sections. The elevation ranges from 2,500 to 4,300 meters above the sea level.

Due to the continental climate, the springs are rainy and warm. Summers are cool in the mountains, and there is still a light snow coverage in the highest points until July. On the lower parts, the temperature may reach up to +40 during July and August. The average temperature for winter months is -15.

Besides of being a unique natural reserve of flora and fauna, the territory is popular for a list of natural sights; the Tamerlane cave, dinosaurs’ footprints, karst plateau of Kuzulshavar, the Suvtushar waterfall, etc.

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