Hissar Range

Hissar mountain range with the highest peaks is located in the southern region of Uzbekistan. The other part of the mountain range is located in Tajikistan while the highest peak (4643m) is on the territory of Uzbekistan.

The range is one of the most picturesque places in Uzbekistan. The rivers flowing through the mountain cut deep canyons and created breathtaking views of gorges with rivers and snowy peaks. In the centre of Hissar Range in Uzbekistan, there is a natural reserve with the same name-Hissar Reserve. It is considered to be the largest in Uzbekistan with a total area of 80.986 ha. The reserve has rich flora and fauna. Most of the species are listed in the Red Book.

Hissar range is valuable not only for its flora and fauna but also for historical monuments. Unfortunately being far from the main attractions, they are less popular among tourists. The most valuable sites are Teshik-Tosh cave and Tamerlane cave, popular Baysun village, Maidanak observatory and Kulasay canyon with footprints of a dinosaur.

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