House Museum of Sadriddin Aini

The house-museum of Sadriddin Aini is located near the Registan square, Samarkand. Sadriddin Aini (1878-1954) is one of the outstanding writers who had an invaluable contribution to the development of the literature in Middle Asia. He was the founder of “New method” schools in Bukhara, an educator and the founder of the modern Uzbek and Tajik literature.

Sadriddin Aini escaped from Bukhara Emir’s repression and settled in Samarkand. He lived in this house for more than 35 years. The most famous works including “Slaves” and “Dokunda”, short stories and memories were written in this house. In 1967, the museum was opened in his house by the initiative of the Uzbek government.

The museum exhibits materials, photos and documents of the poet. The interior of the house is preserved in its initial way. The pre-revolutionary furniture and the household characterizes the life of the traditional Tajik family.

The museum was reconstructed for the 140th anniversary of the writer.

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