Independence Monument

The Turkmenistan Independence Monument in Ashgabat was opened in 2000 dedicated to Turkmenistan 's independence. Turkmenistan's Freedom Monument reflects the value and importance of the greatest achievement in the Turkmen past centuries.

Independence Day- 27 of  October 1991, is imprinted symbolically in the height of the structure. The monument is a 118-meter column crowned with a five-star golden crescent moon-a symbol of the unity of the five largest Turkmen tribes, the lower part of the monument is a hemisphere reminiscent of the traditional Turkmen yurt 's shape. The eight "legs" of the yurt dome float down the fountain channels, and partially over the surface.

An important part of Turkmenistan's Independence Monument is the central pedestrian alley, at the very beginning of which the statue of Turkmenistan's first president, Saparmurat Niyazov, was installed on a marble pedestal. Magnificent golden statues of great rulers and military figures, intellectuals and artists from Turkmenistan are placed in the park near the monument. The project of making sculptures included the prominent Turkmen sculptors Babasary Annamuradov, Saragt Babaev, Velmurad Dzhumaev, Seyit Artykmamedov, Gylych Yarmammadov, Shamurad Yarmammedov, Nurmukhammed Atayev and others.

There is a square around the memorial, with plants and fountains. Five front gates, guarded by formidable warrior statues with golden spears and sabers, allow you to get inside the monument where the National Values Museum is located, striking with the richness of decor. This museum features exquisite jewelry pieces, cold steel, weapons, and a collection of numismatics.

Independence Park is filled with light from various lamps and illuminations throughout the evening.

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